No Change In State Position On Congers School Aid

Added fencing around Congers Elementary School
Added fencing around Congers Elementary School

Clarkstown School District and State Education Department (SED) officials met on Monday to discuss the district’s appeal of the state’s denial of funds for repairs to Congers Elementary School. Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski, who helped arrange the meeting but did not attend it, said the state did not change its decision. 

Zebrowski said the meeting gave both groups the opportunity to discuss their positions and their differing views on enrollment capacity in the district.

“SED continues to believe at this point there is a capacity within the school district and some extra classrooms,” he said.

The district and SED vary over the number of available classrooms in the schools. At Thursday’s school board meeting officials said there were less than 10 while SED’s count is much higher. Part of the difference is how classrooms used part of the time for art courses or other types of instruction are counted in the analysis. 

Zebrowski said he will work on scheduling additional meetings and conference calls directly with SED this week.

“I don’t know if there will be a full resolution before Tuesday’s meeting,” he said, adding that he will use all avenues available to him to push the state to give Clarkstown the reimbursement funds.

Zebrowski and Senator David Carlucci have both been advocating on the district’s behalf and sent a letter to SED officials last week. School Superintendent Dr. J. Thomas Morton could not be reached for comment on the meeting.

The district applied for funding equal to 55 percent of the cost of repairs. Clarkstown voters will cast ballots on a proposed $6.5 million bond on Tuesday, Feb. 4.  The school was closed in August because of unsafe conditions.

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Clarkstown School And State Education Officials To Meet On Congers Elementary Aid

Robert Ward Kurkela January 30, 2014 at 10:51 PM
* Board of Education Meeting 11.14.13 @ Felix Festa Video ** http://ccsd.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=3&clip_id=191
Robert Ward Kurkela January 30, 2014 at 10:56 PM
Here are some snippets to watch: Mr. Aglialoro moves agenda item #1.08 Discussion on Student Data to #1.05 Comments from the floor on agenda items 6:40 Mr. Malgieri states: "People from the audience may want to comment on that before we have our presentation." (Audience members can be heard asking about this) Mr. Malgieri then asks: "You want them to have the information before they comment?" Mr. Aglialoro: "Yes, yes, that was the point." 14:23 After Mr. Sobel's presentation, Mr. Malgieri questions Mr. Sobel about the FERPA Law. He Lists the people who are able to access the data, including a volunteer in the school. 16:03 Crowd applauds Mr. Malgieri when he finishes.
 Agenda Item #1.08 (now #1.05) Discussion on Student Data Type: Information, Discussion 0:00 - 32:00 RTTT Discussion (NOT ACTION/VOTE) Mr. Malgieri states: "I agree with you Chris. Let's make a motion." Mr. Conti states: "I thought this was informational only?" Mr. Malgieri states: "We can make a motion." Mr Malgieri states: "Make the motion" 1:16:00 A woman is about to speak about RTTT when someone from the back of the auditorium challenges Mike Aglialoro. Who is this? 

 Agenda Item #1.09 Discussion on Congers Elementary Type: Information, Discussion (NOT ACTION/VOTE)1:27:50 "Discussion on Congers Elementary" begins
 1:48:00 Diane Hoeneveld states "I don't want to divide the community" There is one Board member noticeably absent on the podium
 · 1:53:00 - 1:57:00 South Student Representative Jennifer Hopkins is speaking and is then heckled
Robert Ward Kurkela January 30, 2014 at 11:15 PM
CSD DISTRICT POLICY RESPONSIBILITIES OF SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS 8220 Each school board member, operating under high ethical standards: 3. transacts school board business only in regular sessions: all official school board business should be transacted only at official meetings of the board and only with the concurrence of a majority of the board 4. represents the entire community to the best of his or her ability: any action by a board member should be in the best interest of the entire community in the judgment of the board member 5. performs official duties as an individual trustee only in accordance with direction from the board: the work of the board is a collective effort under the law and individual board members have no individual authority except as delegated by the board 9. recognizes the rights of all board members: D. each board member will maintain confidentiality of executive session information Policy adopted: March 14, 1983 Clarkstown Central School District amended: January 28, 1991
Speaking Out January 31, 2014 at 12:26 PM
This is a completely emotional issue for 1 community with no rational behind any of their issues. What I know to be FACT is: no state aid, $26/year if my house is assessed at $140k, which by the way it is higher, enough room in other buildings to accommodate these 200 children, a bus ride which is closer than going to Middle school, btw if Congers residents don't realize this, your children go across the causeway for Middle School and High School, a savings of $1.25mm which in turn will save other programs in this District. I will be voting NO simply for what the facts are...declining enrollment and NO tax increase!! To ask for guarantees is just simply ridiculous....


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