School Board Recognizes Math Olympiads and WordMasters Top Scorers

Clarkstown students acknowledged for their achievements


Approximately 250 Clarkstown school district students in elementary and middle school entered the national Math Olympiads and WordMasters competitions. The students participated through the .  The district’s 12 highest scorers in the Math Olympiad and 11 top scorers in WordMasters were recognized at Thursday night’s school board meeting.

They received trophies for their Math Olympiads and medals for WordMasters achievements. WordMasters is a national competition for grades three through eight that increases vocabulary and encourages verbal reasoning. Math Olympiads is also a national competition tha consists of math solving problem contsts for teams of up to 35 students in grades four through eight. 

Keara Kotten, who attends Felix Festa Middle School, was one of the top 19 students out of 30,430 sixth graders in the country who participated in Word Masters. She received High Honors. Students from Strawtown, Mia Dominick, and West Nyack Elementary, Jennifer Enright, excelled in both competitions.

Math Olympiads Highest Scorers:

  • Bardonia Elementary- Rivindu Wijedoru and Rory Heanue
  • Link Elementary - Olivia Barkley
  • Lakewood Elementary - Maris Daly
  • Little Tor Elementary - Steve Mulackal
  • Strawtown Elementary - Mia Dominick
  • Congers Elementary - Amit Itzhaki
  • Woodglen Elementary - Joshua Josef
  • Laurel Plains Elementary - Brendan Rosenblum
  • West Nyack Elementary - Jennifer Enright
  • New City Elementary - Logan Meda
  • Felix Festa Middle School - Alexander Fetterman 

WordMasters Highest Scorers:

  • Bardonia Elementary - Lauren Larkin
  • Link Elementary - Joanne Stirrup
  • Lakewood Elementary - Sudarshan Sundar
  • Little Tor Elementary - Owen Trawick
  • Strawtown Elementary - Mia Dominick
  • Congers Elementary - Julianna Feeney
  • Woodglen Elementary - Mark Albrecht and Mannion McGinley
  • Laurel Plains Elementary - James Rung
  • West Nyack Elementary - Jennifer Enright
  • New City Elementary - Mary O’Connor
  • Felix Festa Middle School- Keara Kotten      
Scott F. June 08, 2012 at 05:51 PM
Great Job, these programs are excellent!! The kids and parents should be very proud!!
Patrick Sarsfield June 08, 2012 at 09:00 PM
Well done. Congratulations to the kids, their parents and the teachers who worked so hard with them. This is the type of story we need to hear more of concerning the schools in the community.


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