The CES Bond Vote Still Has People Stirred Up

The debate continues on Patch over the future of the Clarkstown school district's buildings and budget. 

More than 170 comments have been written so far on Patch's Feb. 4 article giving the results of the bond vote. 

Some of the bond's opponents talked about a targeted campaign to get Congers residents to the polls. 

Karen Kasman said, "One politician I spoke with on line assured me he used no public funds for the call. He traded the recorded message for good will and votes, in my opinion, for support in upcoming elections. As I believe all those politicians did. Once you are sworn in as a public figure, unfortunately you no longer speakers as Joe Private Citizen. I thought they were elected to represent all taxpayers! Silly me. Good news is, if you have a cause, and a large group of voters in your organization, you can have one of several high ranking officials record a robo call message for you as long as you pay for it! Sorry, I personally think they all crossed the line and sold their voices for future votes. Maybe I am wrong?"

Suzy Queue said, "There was no grand conspiracy that accounted for the Congers turnout. Congers kids, parents, grandparents -- everyone -- loves that school with all their heart and their hearts would be broken to see it used for anything but a school. A beautiful, well-made building that needs to be preserved, not knocked over."

'Speaking Out' objected to commenters who want the district to pay to keep CES students together while repairs are made to the  building, which was declared unsafe and closed in the fall. "Temporarily move these children based on the Supt recommendation between New City and Lakewood. This Board needs to stand by the Supt and his recommendation. Enough already...spending this type of money for 200 children out of a district of 8,000 is completely ridiculous. "

Several commenters talked about the district's declining enrollments and possible school closures. 

"I agree we need to close schools," said 'ClarkstownDad, "... and since the community voted to keep Congers, the oldest building in the most need of repair then we are left with no other choice it seems based on enrollment figures. So Little Tor, Strawtown, etc watch out."

Kevin Roy said, "I hope we can all come together and use our collective passion to create a solution that results in the best education for our kids and minimizes the impact on our seniors who help build our district. If you've followed my posts you know I voted against the bond. I also said I respect those that voted for it as the short-term impact varied depending on where you live. At this point, the train has left the station, but what it left behind was a record voter turnout and a BOE that needs to make some very difficult decisions. We can choose to go backwards or forwards, but our focus should be on the kids."

How do you think the district should move forward? Tell us in the comments!
Lanning Taliaferro February 09, 2014 at 07:04 AM
Phil and Michael—Patch is, above all, a community platform, with information flowing onto it 24/7 (like Dan's blog post, uploaded at 1:17AM!). Nobody's reading it all the time. We will absolutely draw people's attention to posts and conversations they might have missed. Dan—Thanks for your comment and for drawing my attention to your blog post! I'm sorry I missed it on the 6th. Patch is going through a major transition, and we're working on improving the platform to make it easier for members of the community to make meaningful contributions and to see the contributions of others. Dan, Michael—Meanwhile, if you see something disappearing too fast, please let me know at lanning.taliaferro@patch.com and I can re-feature it. BJ—Robin Traum is a terrific reporter and was a great Patch editor. We are no longer staffed in a way to provide the level of hyperlocal coverage you are used to. With fewer editors we will be running Patch sites differently. Essays like Dan's (http://newcity.patch.com/groups/dan-weisbergs-blog/p/the-bond-vote-and-the-aftermath) ruminating on the (now 243) comments on my article about the bond vote results are one of the things that make Patch a good community resource. The coming improvements will strengthen it. Thank you for your concern.
karen kasman February 09, 2014 at 09:35 AM
Panning, can you forward a request to Patch management asking that posters need to log on with their Facebook Account? The anonymous blogging is destructive and threatening at times.
Lanning Taliaferro February 09, 2014 at 12:40 PM
Karen - I certainly will.


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