Local Book Designer Talks Cancer, Lance Armstrong

In the wake of Lance Armstrong's recent confessional on the OWN network, Monaco had strong feelings against Armstrong for his doping decisions, but say people should still support Armstrong's book on his journey with cancer.


Rosemarie Monaco of Upper Grandview recently helped author and cancer survivor Susan Reif design her book For Family & Friends... 39 Things to Make a Cancer Patient Smile.

Monaco has lived through the experience of caring for and coping with friends with cancer.

"What I love about this book is that it gives you permission to reach out to people with serious illnesses. We hesitate to intrude on their lives. But this book lets you know that it is not only okay, but that 'smiles' are very welcomed," Monaco said.

In the wake of Lance Armstrong's recent confessional on the OWN network, Monaco had strong feelings against Armstrong for his doping decisions, but say people should still support Armstrong's book on his journey with cancer.

"The reason I wanted to help Susan Reif with her book was because I believed it could help the families of cancer patients. What Lance Armstrong did was reprehensible. However, as we heard from Oprah, it does not negate the healing power of his book “It’s Not About the Bike.” You cannot take away the lessons one cancer patient can teach others and their families who must endure such a daunting journey," she said.

Reif's book is designed to help and inspire family members, friends, caregivers, co-workers and acquaintances of cancer patients.

Like Monaco, Reif—of Tuxedo, NY—feels the public should support LiveStrong despite Armstrong's decisions during his professional biking career.

“I have heard all the speculation, but it is not yet fair to judge him. However, I am definitely sad. He has done such incredibly, wonderful things in advancing cancer awareness, cancer treatment awareness, raising money, making resources available, building support networks and contributing to making cancer a topic that is necessary to discuss, face head on, and fight against...as patients, as doctors/nurses, family members, friends, society as a whole. I really hope that the LiveStrong Foundation does not suffer because of this. If he did something wrong, he needs to admit it and face the consequences. However, I think it would be very wrong for people to withdraw their support of LiveStrong because of his alleged behavior/actions.”

In 39 Smiles, Susan suggests 39 things that can be done, from very small gestures to very large ones, to bring a smile to the face of a cancer patient. Whether it's sending customized M&M's, driving to an appointment, making something special, or any of the other suggestions, you can do good, and make a difficult time for the patient a little bit easier.  

"I am eternally grateful to everyone who supported me and helped me to smile along the way. I know that the 39 Smiles in this book will lead to thousands more on patients' faces all around the world," Reif said.

Author Susan Reif is a writer, speaker and award-winning trainer who went on the journey of a lifetime through breast cancer diagnosis, chemotherapy, surgery and radiation treatment. With the help of thousands of friends and family members who supported her with smiles, she is still here to share the amazing things her network provided along the way.

Available in paperback, the book retails for $12.95 and can be purchased at www.createspace.com/3604024. For information on bulk purchases, discounts, speaking engagements, or special events, contact the author directly atsbreif@gmail.com or 845-753-5864.

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amerpatriot February 03, 2013 at 11:29 PM
The money you spend on buying his book would be better spent supporting cancer research directly. Supporting Lance Armstrong is validating a drug-abusing liar. We do not need to teach our children that drug abuse, cheating and lying are perfectly acceptable if donations are made to some good cause. We do not need to hold Lance Armstrong up as a poster boy for "anything goes" in our society.
Jeff Lewis February 04, 2013 at 03:18 PM
better yet...take the book out of the library, read it, and make a donation to a cancer charity...or if so inspired, do some work on behalf of a cancer charity or friend/family member you know who is dealing with cancer. Armstrong doesn't need any more of your hard earned cash.


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