Pearl River Tennis Tourney: Nyack Wins Team Title

Nanuet's Kristin Quill remained undefeated in Rockland County, winning first singles.

Nanuet's Kristin Quill continued to dominate against Rockland County competition, dropping only two games in two days on the way to winning the first singles title at the Pearl River Tennis Tournament.

In the tournament, players face off in flights for each level of a match -- first, second and third singles; first, second, third and fourth doubles. The player or doubles team that wins the most games wins the flight. 

The team that accumulates the most victories wins that championship. Nyack earned the team championship with 187 games won, edging out Tappan Zee, which had 183. Pearl River was third with 149 games. 

The final overall standings were as follows:

1st Singles

  • 1st Place: Kristin Quill - (NA) - 30 games
  • 2nd Place: Kristen Soeder - (NY) - 25 games
  • 3rd Place: Brittany Grandville - (TZ) - 23 games

2nd Singles

  • 1st Place: Sara O'Brien (TZ) - 30 games
  • 2nd Place: Steffi Medina (NY) - 25 games
  • 3rd Place: Stacey Wang (PR) - 22 games 

3rd Singles

  • 1st Place: Madigan Graham (NY) - 30 games                  
  • 2nd Place: Jenna Grandville (TZ) - 29 games                  
  • 3rd Place: Katie Solesky (AM) - 21 games 

1st Doubles

  • 1st Place: Skyler Finning/Emily Algert (TZ) - 30 games                     
  • 2nd Place: Olivia Blinn/Tara Blinn (NY) - 25 games                   
  • 3rd Place: Aileen Burke/Sinead O'Sullivan (PR) - 23 games 

2nd Doubles

  • 1st Place: Charlotte Buck/Clancy Gray (NY) - 30 games                    
  • 2nd Place: Carolyn Qian/Brianna Yee (TZ) - 28 games                    
  • 3rd Place: Kristen Arendt/Mikaela Connell (AM) - 21 games 

3rd Doubles

  • 1st Place: Caroline Collins/Francesca Fradianni (NY) - 30 games                  
  • 2nd Place: Haley Robertson/Laura Williamson (NA) - 26 games                   
  • 3rd Place: Katie O'Hanlon/Nicole Alkhazov (PR) - 24 games 

4th Doubles

  • 1st Place: Jacklyn Onody/Kaitlyn Joong (AM) - 30 games                   
  • 2nd Place: Lauren Finer/Nikita Mehta (PR) - 26 games, giving up 20 games                   
  • 3rd Place: Emily Frantzen/Abbie LeWarn (TZ) - 26 games, giving up 23 games 

Overall Team Results

  • 1st Place: Nyack - 187 games won                    
  • 2nd Place: Tappan Zee - 183 games won                    
  • 3rd Place: Pearl River - 149 games won                    
  • 4th Place: Nanuet - 139 games won                    
  • 5th Place: Albertus Magnus - 125 games won                    
  • 6th Place: East Ramapo - 69 games won 
sharon September 23, 2012 at 03:33 PM
Yeah!! Congratulations to the Nyack TOURNAMENT WINNERS! GO GIRLS!!


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