Rockland County Summer Swim League Concludes with Championship Meet

The West Nyack Swim Club hosted the 84 championship races Wednesday

The Summer Swim League of Rockland County held its championship meet Wednesday morning at the West Nyack Swim Club.  Hundreds of Rockland’s swimmers competed in the final event of the summer season. 

The Suffern Sea Lions took first place with 573 total points.  Team Rockland came in second place with 450 points while West Nyack Swim Club finished in third place with 397 points. 

“It was so much fun,” said John Edwards, the head coach of Pearl River.  “That’s the nice thing about the Summer Swim League here.  Biggest thing is having a lot of fun.  These kids, a lot of them are USS swimmers that work so hard throughout the year, and then they come here and get with their local clubs and programs; it’s just a lot of fun.  There was some fast swimming today too though.  Couple of records went down.”

Edwards is also the coach of the Clarkstown Condors and has coached many of the swimmers at Wednesday’s meet outside of the summer league.  As a swimming coach with over 25 years of experience, Edwards said Summer League Swimming is especially useful for attracting people of all ages into the county’s swimming environment because it is a league that gives everybody an opportunity to compete.

“The summer league ended on Saturday,” he said.  “There’s four A meets and three B meets and the league meet.  Then we have the county championship; the same teams that are in the league compete, but as long as you’re an individual from Rockland County, you can compete as well. 

Kaitlyn Lange, swimming for Nauraushaun Swim Club, was noted as a standout performer by Edwards.  Lange competed in the Girls Age 13-14 200-Meter Individual Medley, 100-Meter Breaststroke, and 100-Meter Butterfly.         

“Kaitlyn Lange swam best times in all her events today,” Edwards said.  “She actually broke the 100 breaststroke record held by Katie Arnott.  It was a 4-year-old record.”

Lange said she was happy with the way she swam today and said Edwards helped prepare her for the championship.

“He’s a really good coach,” Lange said. 

Another of Edward’s standout mentions was Kelly Malyszka of the Clarkstown Condors.  Malyszka competed in the Girls 11-12 50-Meter Butterfly, 100-Meter IM, 100-Meter Breaststroke, 200-Meter Medley, and 200 Meter Freestyle, coming in first place in every event.   She said she has been swimming for the summer league since she was seven or eight years old.       

“The other ones [seasons] are inside, so it’s just easier for backstroke,” she said.  “In the outside pools, it’s shallow when you dive in, so you have to be careful.  It’s also very sunny for backstroke.  Also, the blocks are different.  Some blocks are really high, and some are low.  And they take them out so they’re not always there. So they shake a lot.” 

Stanley Wong of the Palisades Stingrays Swim Team won the Boys 15-18 200-Meter IM, 100-Meter Freestyle, and 100-meter Breaststroke, three of the toughest heats of the day. 

“I swim with New York Sharks year round,” Wong said.  “This is less competitive.  We do it for fun, just to hang out and see our friends.  Nothing really competitive; it’s just fun for us; chill. Next week, I’m going to Nationals, and then the following weekend after that is going to be Junior Nationals in California.  So that’s really what I’m looking forward to.”

SSLRC Individual Results

Team key — Clarkstown (Cl); Condors Swim Club (C); Nyack Field Club (NFC); Palisades Stingrays Swim Club (Pal); Pearl River Swim Club (PR); Team Rockland Swimming (TR); Suffern Sea Lions (S); West Nyack Swim Club (WN); Nauraushaun Swim Club (N);Unattached (U).


50-Meter Freestyle:  13 and Over- Conway, John P (S) 24.76.  9-10- Kirsis, Janis V (C) 35.76.  400- Free:  13 and over-  Meany, RJ J (TR) 4:45.  100-Medley Relay:  8 and Under- (WN) 1:52.40.  200-Medley Relay:  9-10- (WN) 2:59.31.  11-12-  (S) 2:57.41.  13-14- (TR) 2:06.84.  15-18 (S) 2:06.  100-IM:  8 and Under- Dwyer, Michael (WN) 1:43.16.  9-10- Stolarski, Andrew (WN) 1:29.17.  11-12- Gu, Kevin (C) 1:18.51.  400-IM:  13 and Over-  Schaub, Bryan (WN) 5:19.93.  200-IM:  13-14- Andjelic, Nikola (C) 2:29.63.  15-18- Wong, Stanley (Pal) 2:22.72.  25-Free:  8 and Under- Newmeyer, Jared (S) 22.09.  200-Free:  13 and Over- Schaub, C.J. (WN) 2:09.  100-Free:  11-12- Andjelic, Lazar (C) 1:13.69.  13-14- Zugibe, Matthew (TR)1:00.69.  15-18- Wong, Stanley (Pal) 57.66.  25-Back:  8 and Under- Newmeyer, Jared (S) 24.45.  200-Back:  13 and Over- Schaub, Kevin (WN) 2:32.54.  50-Back:  9-10- Coogan, Matthew (Pal) 42.46.  100-Back:  11-12- Gu, Kevin (C) 1:17.05.  13-14- Andjelic, Nikola (C) 1:09.42.  15-18- Garcia, Andrew N (S) 1:10.59.  25-Breast:  8 and Under- Dwyer, Michael (WN) 22.68.  200-Breast:  13 and Over- Schaub, C.J. (WN) 2:39.63.  50-Breast:  9-10- Stolarski, Andrew (WN) 46.16.  100-Breast:  11-12- Gu, Kevin (C) 1:29.64.  13-14- Andjelic, Nikola (C) 1:13.97.  15-18- Wong, Stanley (Pal) 1:07.96.  25-Fly:  8 and Under- Dwyer, Michael (WN) 19.41.  200-Fly:  13 and Over- Schaub, Kevin (WN) 2:21.23.  50-Fly:  9-10- Coogan, Matthew (Pal) 40.55.  11-12- Kohler, Daniel (Cl) 40.79.  100- Fly:  13-14- Raccioppi, Jake (TR) 1:09.53.  15-18- Conway, John P (S) 1:00.68.  100-Free Relay:  8 and Under- (WN) 1:34.76.  200-Free Relay:  9-10- (WN) 2:30.15.  11-12- (Cl) 2:27.48.  13-14- (TR) 1:52.95.  15-18- (S) 1:50.74.          


50-Meter Freestyle:  13 and Over- Keaveney, Briana N (C) 28.00  9-10- Evangelista, Ryan (WN) 36.98  400- Free:  13 and over-  Burke, Katja (S) 5:23.78  100-Medley Relay:  8 and Under- (S) 1:43.84.  200-Medley Relay:  9-10- (S) 3:07.46.  11-12-  (C) 2:37.19.  13-14- (TR) 2:21.35.  15-18 (S) 2:20.97  100-IM:  8 and Under- Dwyer, Grace (WN) 156.80  9-10- Garcia, Samantha M (S) 1:33.69  11-12- Malyszka, Kelly D (C) 1:23.78.  400-IM:  13 and Over-  Sweet, Lauren A (C) 5:49.85.  200-IM:  13-14- Lange, Kaitlyn (N) 2:37.10  15-18- Liddy, Nicole M (S) 2:46.75  25-Free:  8 and Under- Davis, Maggie A (S) 18.62.  200-Free:  13 and Over- Poindexter, Tiana (U) 2:22.34.  100-Free:  11-12- Zuks, Adelaine (C) 1:17.00.  13-14- Hutton, Theresa (TR)1:03.56.  15-18- Poindexter, Tiana (U) 1:04.65.  25-Back:  8 and Under- Davis, Maggie A (S) 24.05.  200-Back:  13 and Over- Hartigan, Colleen G (S) 2:34.87.  50-Back:  9-10- Keaveney, Megan (WN) 46.62  100-Back:  11-12- Zuks, Adelaine (C) 1:25.85.  13-14- Hutton, Theresa (TR) 1:12.82  15-18- Liddy, Nicole M (S) 1:15.66  25-Breast:  8 and Under- Muchnick, Emma A (S) 25.48  200-Breast:  13 and Over- Hartigan, Colleen G (S) 2:56.91  50-Breast:  9-10- Evangelista, Ryan (WN) 46.87.  100-Breast:  11-12- Malyszka, Kelly D (C) 1:31.98.  13-14- Lange, Kaitlyn (N) 1:18.37.  15-18- Lynch, Amanda B (S) 1:25.59  25-Fly:  8 and Under- Arciniegas, Francesca (U) 21.13.  200-Fly:  13 and Over- Sweet, Lauren A (C) 2:43.25.  50-Fly:  9-10- Keaveney, Megan (WN) 44.03.  11-12- Malyszka, Kelly D (C) 37.26.  100- Fly:  13-14- Lange, Kaitlyn (N) 1:09.01.  15-18- Stein, Kimmy A (S) 1:13.15.  100-Free Relay:  8 and Under- (WN) 1:27.87.  200-Free Relay:  9-10- (WN) 2:41.28.  11-12- (C) 2:20.15.  13-14- (TR) 2:04.40.  15-18- (S) 2:04.50.            

susan August 13, 2012 at 11:35 AM
I would like to know how an offical gets to talk to other officals with so much disrespect in front of small children?? When it was made public knowledge that she holds no office or rank in the league, but yet she has no consideration of the kids. Susan White.


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