Matthew Brennan
This ability to write comments and post photos is great. This is what America is supposed to be about. Who is Matt Brennan? Born on Washington Square in 1954, well actually Mount Sinai Hospital, we moved to New City in 1959 when I was four.  My father Thomas, was an attorney and my mother Helen, a nurse. Myself Faith, Luke, Hope, and Mark went to Street School and graduated Clarkstown North High School.  Starting out as rich kids we ended up as poor kids. Not quite academically orientated, in 1972 at 17 years of age I had a job working as a telephone operater at 99 Main Street, Nyack. Seeking a more adventureous existance and not wanting to be stationed on the East Coast, I hitch-hiked to California and enlisted in the Marines for two years.  A tour overseas in the Far East opened my eyes to the world. After my discharge from active duty I began my academic life at RCC(where I played ice hockey), Pace (where I played football), and then New York University from which I recieved a B S from the business school. In the meantime I had some very significant summer vacations.  The most profound occured in 1979 where I ran with the Bulls in Pamplona and was one of the last Americans to cross Iran on my way to India.  Traveling is an education in itself. After graduating NYU, I beat out 200 candidates to get an entry level job on Wall Street.  At the time our country was a net creditor to the world just beginning the business practices that would make it todays greatest debtor. Working in an office wasn't me at the time so I joined the NYPD.  As a third generation police officer, I wore my grandfather's shield. Believe me, a person does not have to travel the world for adventure.  There is a world of adventure 30 minutes down the PIP! In 1991 got married and had four kids. Retired from the NYPD as a Sergeant in 2001. In 2003 recieved 6119 votes for Clarkstown Councilman on the Republican line.  Imagine, the same number upside down.  It would have been nice to recieve the Conservative or Independence line, but in Clarkstown those essential to victory lines are given out by town employees with personalized parking spaces that we walk past after walking from the farthest parking spots in the lot.  What really disappoints me is  how registered conservatives and other third party voters seem to vote their line no matter who is on it even if what they stand for is against their core principles. In 2004 recieved 40,000 votes against Congressman Eliot Engel in NY's 17the Congressional District. Right now my life is focused on raising a family that attends the Clarkstown School District. There seems to be a war against the middle class in this country from A to Z.  I welcome this opportunity provided by the Patch to help vent our true feelings.   
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